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NEWcold coffee brewer
cold coffee brewer

What is cold brew coffee?

While cold brew is, well, cold coffee, it is not the same as iced coffee (espresso with ice added to cool it down).
Cold brew coffee is a smooth, cold beverage prepared by brewing freshly ground coffee in cold water, instead of hot water.
It is brewed at room temperature over a long period of time (12 to 24 hours), so essentially time replaces temperature in this process.
Because the grounds are not exposed to hot water, it is much more flavoursome and even sweeter than hot brewed coffee.
The acid content of cold brew coffee is also lower than that of its hot counterpart.

The end result can be enjoyed with milk, cream, a bit of ice-cream (as a coffee freezo) or straight up.

1500ml coffee pot
stainless steel filter


  Dishwasher Safe
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