Our Top Tools for any Entertaining Scenario

Our Top Tools for any Entertaining Scenario

The winter months are an ideal time to host cozy dinner parties and entertain friends and family at home. When you’re having guests over in the chilly season, there are more options beyond just serving soup in front of the fireplace. Here are our top tools for any entertaining scenario! 

Sometimes all you need is a few nifty tools for a fun-filled event. Let’s explore some ideas for entertaining in the cold with great entertaining products.

Our Top Tools for any Entertaining Scenario

Ideas for entertaining in the cold 

Get some fresh air on your face! 

Although the traditional South African braai is associated with the warmer months, if you’re going to gather around the fire – you might as well put it to good use! Gather your friends, dress warmly, fire-up the patio heater and have a braai! Have a squiz at our top tools for entertaining below for everything you will need for the perfect winter braai!

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Throw a comfort food party! 

If it’s cold and miserable then invite your guests around and ask them to bring their favourite comfort food dish! Set your dinner table with a beautiful 20pc dinner set and offer a throw for each of your guests on their seat. Prepare your dishes and present them in uniform serving bowls to have your table look stunning. After a joyous meal of comfort food on a cold day – gather around the fire with stunning cast iron teacups, sip and laugh away!

top entertaining tools

Whether you are planning a get-together in the comfort of your home, or braving the outdoors for a winter braai, these must-have items will have you set for any hosting event!

Must-have items for indoor and outdoor cooking 

Spice rack

The Eetrite spice rack has handy hooks for hanging on the braai, so grab if off the kitchen counter and have your spices close by to perfectly season your food.

Meat thermometer

Measure the temperature of meat during cooking to ensure a perfectly cooked dish!

Steak platter 

The Eetrite cast iron steak platter has a great weight to it and heats food evenly. It is great for grilling steaks in the oven or straight on the grill, and comes with a wooden base for serving. A detachable handle is handy for moving the dish so as not to burn oneself when serving up the perfect steak.

Serving bowls 

Large and small serving bowls are a must have for entertaining guests. Serve snacks, condiments, salads and desserts in classic white porcelain for an elegant event.

Basting set 

Add delicious flavours to food with a stylish basting set.

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