A Taste of Spain – How to throw a Spanish Dinner Party

A Taste of Spain – How to throw a Spanish Dinner Party

There is no other nation that can celebrate with as much passion as the Spanish. Whether it’s a crowd in Barcelona yelling “Vamos, vamos” while watching a Soccer game or feet tapping along the beat of Flamenco music being performed by a full orchestra in Seville.
We can’t all travel to Madrid this summer to experience the immense heat, tall trees and the cicada’s soulful serenades, but we can immerse ourselves in the Spanish Culture by throwing our own Spanish Dinner Party, while sipping on refreshing Sangria and sampling tasty dishes. You can set the scene with vibrant colours in red, orange and yellow; transforming your home with table decorations, serviettes and flower arrangements. Remember to put the flamenco music on loud in the background!













To eat is to live in Spain, and it forms a huge part of their Culture. The most important aspect for your Spanish dinner party is the food and the drinks. You can’t go wrong with ice cold Sangria and tapas-style food. Tapas are small plates or bowls filled with Spanish delicacies designed to encourage conversation as your dinner guest moves around the table to pick their own menu, while mingling with each other and sharing food. Load your Tapas plates with Chilled Mussels complimented by Saffron Mayonnaise, various croquettes (prawn, serrano ham, manchego), chicken wings, Calamari, potatoes bravos, stuffed peppers with goat cheese, and tortilla espanola with chorizo. All the seafood will look great on the Eetrite Eurostone fish platter.


Make your own Sangria

Mix in a large jug: 4 litre red wine, ½ Cup brandy, ½ cup van der Hum, 1 sliced peach, 1 halved and sliced orange, 100ml sugar and 2 cinnamon sticks. Set aside to infuse for a couple of hours, then add 1 litre lemonade and 1 litre soda and some ice and mint. The Eetrite Vintage Manual ice crusher makes quick work of crushing ice cubes for your Sangria.
















How would you immerse yourself into the Spanish culture? Will you be preparing for a Spanish Dinner Party?

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