• Mauritian Spicy Prawns

    A spicy prawn masterpiece One mouthful of these spicy prawns and you are transported to Mauritius with this island inspired recipe. This recipe is incredibly easy to make, not to mention quick! Pair with your favourite starch for a main meal or simply serve as a tasty starter to entice guests at the dinner table!

  • Crumpets

    Breakfast in bed just isn’t the same without melt-in-your-mouth crumpets. This tried and tested recipe will never let you down and the topping options are endless! Ingredients: 15ml essence:vanilla 2 litre milk fresh 1kg cake flour 300g sugar granulated 7 unit eggs 20g baking powder 500ml cream fresh Method: Mix all of the ingredients except

  • Chicken Wontons

    These delicious golden parcels may seem intimidating to the novice cook, but put the fear aside and give them a try – you would be surprised at how easy chicken wontons are to make, and will definitely impress your guests when serving them as a starter or main dish at your dinner parties. Ingredients: 500g chicken