• Cast iron – an unforgettable era returns

    Aromatic lamb stews, bacon on a hot skillet, onions sautéing in butter, delicious winter soups and yummy hot puddings. For a lot of us, just these words transport us back to Sundays at grandma’s when the whole family would get together for a delicious feast of traditional cooking. Over the years, cooking has evolved into

  • Bamboo is not just for Pandas

    Without fail, Pandas’ invoke the “aww cute” factor. Anybody remember the viral video of the Sneezing Baby Panda? However, none of us can actually own one. The closest we will ever get would be a set of kitchen utensils made from bamboo and of course viral videos! If you are a Panda fan and ever

  • Pulled pork recipe by Kesh

    AN ARTICLE BY OUR BRAND MANAGER As the Brand Manager for Eetrite, I get to take a daily stroll down foodie lane, conceptualizing the possibilities of mouth-watering meals using our products. Which, for most food-lovers, would be an absolute dream. The irony of my job is that, although I love the products that I work

  • Tequila flambé paw paw and seared tuna

    This quick pan-seared tuna dish is an absolute winner. Impress your guests and serve as a starter. The flavours work beautifully together and will keep them coming back for more. Ingredients: 500g fresh tuna loin fillet – season with coarse salt & pepper sear the loin in golden brown butter 25g chopped ginger 50g white

  • Spicy Thai BBQ Chicken Wings

    Sticky, sweet deliciousness at the tips of your fingers! This is a great option for a mid-week dinner with the family, or even better, these thai bbq chicken wings could easily be served at a dinner party. Get the serviettes out! Thai bbq chicken wings Ingredients: 1/2 cup white sugar 1 tsp paprika 50ml worcester

  • Sesame Crusted Chicken

    A quick and easy recipe that is refreshing, flavourful and has a delicious crunch! Sesame crusted chicken can be served for starters or mains and makes the perfect pairing with Hannay’s pomegranate and chill mint sauce. Ingredients: 1 packet chinese egg noodles 2-3 medium size carrots – cut into julienne 1 red pepper – cut into

  • Pepper Crusted Steak

    A mouth-watering steak is an essential in any balanced diet. This simple pepper crusted steak recipe goes a long way towards cooking perfection. Ingredients: 500g matured rump steak coarse black pepper course salt 1 packet couscous salt & pepper (season to taste) 1 red pepper – fine brunoise (diced) 2 red chilli pepper – finely chopped

  • Mauritian Spicy Prawns

    A spicy prawn masterpiece One mouthful of these spicy prawns and you are transported to Mauritius with this island inspired recipe. This recipe is incredibly easy to make, not to mention quick! Pair with your favourite starch for a main meal or simply serve as a tasty starter to entice guests at the dinner table!

  • Crumpets

    Breakfast in bed just isn’t the same without melt-in-your-mouth crumpets. This tried and tested recipe will never let you down and the topping options are endless! Ingredients: 15ml essence:vanilla 2 litre milk fresh 1kg cake flour 300g sugar granulated 7 unit eggs 20g baking powder 500ml cream fresh Method: Mix all of the ingredients except