Breakfast in bed just isn’t the same without melt-in-your-mouth crumpets. This tried and tested recipe will never let you down and the topping options are endless!


15ml essence:vanilla
2 litre milk fresh
1kg cake flour
300g sugar granulated
7 unit eggs
20g baking powder
500ml cream fresh


Mix all of the ingredients except the cream until smooth and thick.
Allow to rest for 10 minutes.
Grease your Lotus Rock crepe pan.
Pour small amounts of batter onto the medium heat pan.
When bubbles begin to break on the surface of the crumpet, flip over onto the other side.
Crumpets are ready when they are an even golden colour.


Serve with your favourite toppings!
Here are some delicious ideas:
Maple Syrup/Butter/Cinnamon/Blue Berries/Strawberries/Bacon/Chantilly cream/Chocolate Spread

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