Choosing the right cookware | Why non-stick is a must-have kitchen item

Choosing the right cookware | Why non-stick is a must-have kitchen item

Choosing the right cookware for your kitchen and investing in good quality products is sometimes seen as a daunting task. With so many options in the market place, knowing what to look out for in a long list of benefits can be pretty overwhelming.

When stocking up your cookware cupboard, the rule of thumb is to try to cover your bases and make sure that you don’t skimp on quality!

“Cover your bases” might seem like some pretty broad advise, but it is a basic rule that will help you narrow down the essentials that you need! Do you enjoy a good old morning fry-up? Is your family obsessed with your teriyaki chicken stir-fry? Is grilled steak a staple at the dinner table? Make sure you have what you need to cook what you love to cook!

Since choosing the right cookware can be tricky, we have put together a short list of need-to-know’s to help you make the perfect selection.

Our cookware essentials include:

• 2 x 26cm casseroles (1 x stainless steel / alumiunium / tri-ply & 1 x cast iron casserole)
• 18cm non-stick casserole/saucepan
• non-stick wok
• non-stick frying pan
• grill pan
• roaster

One of the trickiest of these buys, and an absolute essential is the right non-stick cookware!
Here are all the facts you need to know before choosing the perfect non-stick product for your kitchen:

Non-stick benefits

• It’s all in the name – a non-stick coating keeps food from sticking to the surface, so it is less likely to burn.
• Makes cleaning up a breeze.
• A non-stick coating means you won’t need to use as much oil during cooking, resulting in a healthier meal.
• Perfect for daily use.

Non-stick myths

Non-stick pans are toxic. Look out for important call-outs like “PFOA free” – a sign that your pan is non-toxic. All Eetrite non-stick cookware is PFOA free.
Non-stick coatings don’t last. With the proper care and occasional seasoning your pan will last – we promise!
You can’t use metal utensils on a non-stick pan. While this is true for a lot of non-stick coatings, there are high quality ranges that are metal utensil resistant. Our Marcomb Cookware is the perfect example of this 🙂

A good quality non-stick coating is not the only thing that contributes to a successfully cooked meal. Constructed from a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel and cast iron, different cookware ranges can be best suited to cook different types of foods. Have a look at the below benefits of cooking with our pressed aluminium and marcomb carbon steel non-stick ranges.

Eetrite pressed aluminium frying pans

Eetrite non-stick frying pans


• Use on any stove-top – including induction
• Great for eggs, delicate fish, searing & sautéing
• Quick, energy efficient heat absorption
• Double layer non-stick coating
• Durable – 2.5mm gauge
• Healthy – Honeycomb interior separates oils from food
while cooking

Eetrite MARCOMB Carbon steel cookware

Eetrite Macomb crepe pan

• Use on any stove-top – including induction
• Great for stir-fry’s, crepes, omelets, meats & vegetables
• Excellent conductor of heat
• Durable
• Quick heat absorption, allowing food to retain its vitamin
• Innovative sol-technology ceramic coating is constructed
in a micro-honeycomb like pattern, making it twice as
thick as a standard non-stick coating, for durability and
• Metal utensil resistant


  • We recommend cooking food at a low to medium heat to preserve the non-stick surface of your cookware.
  • An important part of owning a non-stick pan is seasoning it as needed. See our “seasoning your cookware” post for reference.
Our favourite pick:

Marcomb 36cm wok:


Don’t underestimate the versatility of this must-have kitchen item. A large wok can double as a skillet & a saucepan. The Marcomb wok has double handles, so it is easy to maneuver and the innovative non-stick coating is exceptional.




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