Bamboo is not just for Pandas

Bamboo is not just for Pandas

Without fail, Pandas’ invoke the “aww cute” factor. Anybody remember the viral video of the Sneezing Baby Panda? However, none of us can actually own one. The closest we will ever get would be a set of kitchen utensils made from bamboo and of course viral videos!

If you are a Panda fan and ever thought that they were in danger due to the increased use of their staple diet in more and more products, rest assured, bamboo grows on every continent except Antarctica and certain species can grow up to 90cm in just one day. In fact, most continents have their own variant of this fast growing plant except for Europe and America. We have more than enough renewable products in bamboo to stock future kitchens whether it be floors, furniture or cooking utensils.

This perennial evergreen grass with its tall wood-like stems have increased in their everyday popularity. Apart from building applications, bamboo with its 28,000 PSI tensile strength, compared to that of steel with a tensile strength of 24,000 PSI – modern day uses include bike frames and phone cases. Some of the more unusual uses include the first lightbulb filament by Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell’s use of bamboo as the first phonograph needle.

There are a number of concerns with regards to wooden utensils in the modern day kitchen. From cross contamination to retaining flavours. However, with our combination of Bamboo with Silicone and stainless steel products, all concerns can be laid to rest.

In Asian culture, this popular plant is a symbol of good fortune. Make your own good fortune by investing in a set of eco-friendly, anti-bacterial bamboo utensils for your kitchen. Not only are they heat resistant and low maintenance, they make for a colour neutral product which will complement every kitchen colour combination your heart desires.

** No Panda’s were hurt during the writing of this article.

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