10 Clever Ideas To Organise Your Kitchen

10 Clever Ideas To Organise Your Kitchen

Sometimes space comes at a premium and items on top of a counter can give a feeling of clutter. Clever organising ideas can go a long way to make you more time efficient as well as result in a kitchen that always look neat and tidy. Consider these 10 clever ideas below next time you run out of space or you need to organise your kitchen.

Re-purpose a pretty tissue box. Use it to store all your used plastic bags.

For older kitchens where “toe kicks” exist, convert those dead spaces into slide out drawers. Very handy to keep small food storage containers, napkins and baking trays.

A corner cupboard always has awkward and unused spaces. Use a Lazy Susan in the corner. That way your item is a mere spin away.

Magnets offer numerous options. Tape a few magnets into your tinfoil and cling wrap per box. Stick them to the side of your fridge within easy reach.

A magnetic knife rack can be used for more than just knives. Install another one side by side or next to the stove and stick all other frequently used serving spoons and utensils to it.

An old fashioned pocketed shoe holder can be hung on the inside of a broom closet to store all of your cleaning products.

Glue a magazine rack to the back of a cabinet door and store all cutting boards hygienically out of the way.

An old fashion drying rack can be used to neatly store all those odd recipe books side by side.

Place an attractive cake stand on your counter and store all your often used oils and sauces on top for easy reach.

A painted pegboard installed on a wall or on a door, combined with S-hooks, can hang almost anything. From wire baskets for spices, to kitchen gloves and oven mitts.

Happy Organising!

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