For the Budding Chef | Gift Ideas for Beginner Chefs

For the Budding Chef | Gift Ideas for Beginner Chefs

A new year, a new hobby! If someone you love is on their way to becoming a whizz in the kitchen, then why not get them something that will give them endless joy and happiness? With our years of expertise, we know what any chef absolutely needs in the kitchen, and our gift ideas for beginner chefs are sure to get them cooking up a storm!

There are a few absolute necessities when building up your tools for a working kitchen, and high quality, long lasting products are essential. Luckily, Eetrite products will stand the test of time, and are made to endure both successful, and maybe not so successful, experiments in the kitchen. Any one of the below will provide years of use, and many delicious meals!

26cm mushroom casserole dish

Gift Ideas for Beginner Chefs

Cast iron items are all the rage, and for good reason! Our Eetrite cast iron casserole dish provides even heat distribution, heat retention and a non-stick interior, whilst being extremely long-lasting. Get your budding chef to try out those good old family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation!  In fact, cast iron is so durable that many generations have created those exact same meals, in the exact same cast iron dish.

6-piece acacia wood magnetic knife block

Gift Ideas for Beginner Chefs

Any chef will testify that an absolute must-have in the kitchen is a good, strong set of knives. A carpenter is only as good as his tools, and the same applies to a chef! The Eetrite stainless steel knives are made to retain both their sharpness and balance, ensuring years of use!

The magnetic knife block, crafted from beautiful acacia wood, makes a stunning statement in any kitchen, and the 5 stainless steel knives, that are dishwasher safe, have hollow handles which offer excellent balance and a lightweight feel.

36cm large lotus rock wok

Gift Ideas for Beginner Chefs

An absolute investment for any kitchen is a solid, high-quality wok. Our Lotus Rock range is non-stick, energy efficient, and long-lasting. With an innovative nano-silica coating, sauces and liquids don’t enter the surface of the cookware, meaning quicker and easier cleaning! Crafted from carbon steel- meaning quick heat absorption, the Lotus Rock range is also suitable for all stove tops, including induction, and is metal utensil safe. This all-rounder is sure to be an absolute blessing to any chef!

kitchen scale – 19cm

Gift Ideas for Beginner Chefs

Bring a bright pop of vintage style to any kitchen countertop, with the Eetrite kitchen scale. This analog scale provides accurate measurements for all those future meals, with a large and easy to read full view scale. It also features a highly convenient removable stainless steel bowl, for easy cleaning. With a maximum weight capacity of 5kg, this scale is an essential tool, and is one of our favourite Gift Ideas for Beginner Chefs.

red mini pasta machine

Gift Ideas for Beginner Chefs

Bring out a chef’s inner flair, with this gift idea for beginner chefs. Our red mini pasta machine guarantees fresh, homemade pasta in minutes, and includes a double cutting head and rollers that adjust to different thickness settings.

It also includes a clamp to fix to a countertop for extra stability, and a guide on how to bring out your inner Italian chef!

If you’re looking to inspire someone, or even yourself, to a year of delicious moments and meals, our gift ideas for beginner chefs is sure to bring the inspiration! Either one of the above promises to provide many years of experimentation, fun, and tasty delights!

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